Welcome to our website. Our main focus is providing singers, songwriters, and other talented people a place to work on their material in a casual atmosphere. We are available to businesses also, for recording training materials, and other commercial projects. While our main focus is the process of translating sound into a final high quality recording, we also offer other services such as graphic work, locating musicians and other talented individuals to help with your creative project. Please email us if you have any questions that aren't addressed on this website.

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Click on the link below to see a sample Musicians page where you can have all your info placed for others to see. You can have audio and video files that can be played online, and a photo. Here is a sample: Sample Musician Page .

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1) We run a "clean" studio, meaning NO DIRTY LYRICS, or offensive words being recorded. Sexy is ok, dirty is not.
2) Our focus is on recording songwriters and singers. We are not the "usual" recording studio. Instead, we focus on individuals who are attempting to work on, and polish up their musical creations

If you have sound files that are already recorded and now need to be assembled and put on a master disc, we can do that using Peak Pro 6 XT to make a DDP compliant fileset to submit to a company for pressing CDs. We can work on video files, adding additional tracks of music, voice-overs, etc. We can mix your songs that you recorded elsewhere, here in our studio.

If you need artwork for you CD or DVD project, let us know. We can help you locate musicians and vocalists, etc. if needed. If you're short on cash, we may still be able to help. Contact us and see what we can do for you.